Selling Your House? How to Estimate Your Net Profit

Posted by Yvonne Rose // July 31, 2017

If you are selling your house you are most likely considered with how much money you are going to walk away from the closing table with. Calculating your net profit isn’t as simple as subtracting your purchase price from your sales prices as there are many other fees that are going to play a role […]

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Home Insurance – What You Need and What You Don’t

Posted by Yvonne Rose // July 24, 2017

The process of buying a house is a complicated one and when you add in home insurance options, it becomes even more difficult. During the process of purchasing a home you will be made aware of many different kinds of home insurance that you can purchase. Knowing what they are and what you need (or […]

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Homebuyers: Receiving Gifted Funds for a Down Payment

Posted by Yvonne Rose // July 17, 2017

Down Payment

Coming up with a large enough down payment to purchase a house can be a challenging task. Sometimes family members or others want to assist homebuyers with coming up with the down payment by gifting them the funds. While this is an incredibly thoughtful gift, if it is not handled properly it can cause more […]

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6 Ways to Eliminate Regrets as a Real Estate Investor

Posted by Yvonne Rose // July 10, 2017

Whether they are experienced or not in a situation, people love to give their advice to others. There might be no place where this holds as true as for entrepreneurs and investors. When others find out that you are investing in real estate the advice will start to pour in. To be a wise real […]

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The Negative Impact Comps Can Have on Your House

Posted by Yvonne Rose // July 3, 2017

Looking at the comps in your area when deciding to sell your house can be an important step to determining the asking price of your house. However, it is not always a clear cut process and there are instances when the comps can have a negative impact on your selling price. If the comps lead […]

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What You Need to Know as First-Time Homebuyers

Posted by Yvonne Rose // June 26, 2017

The home buying process can seem both confusing and overwhelming for first-time homebuyers. It is one of the largest financial decisions that a person will make during their life. If you are interested in purchasing a home for the first time, follow these steps to take some of the stress out of the process. Establish […]

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Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? Follow These Simple Steps

Posted by Yvonne Rose // June 19, 2017

No homeowner plans on reaching the point that they can’t afford to make their monthly mortgage payment, but sometimes, due to unexpected situations, it happens. If you are going to be unable to make one of your mortgage payments, it is important to know the right way to handle it. Your lender will notice, and […]

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The Ins and Outs of a Counteroffer

Posted by Yvonne Rose // June 12, 2017

In many countries bartering over goods is a part of everyday life. However, the United States of America is not one of those countries. Americans are used to paying full price when buying and receiving full price when selling, not dealing with counteroffer after counteroffer. That can make it seem even that much more overwhelming […]

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Quick Start to Real Estate Investing

Posted by Yvonne Rose // June 5, 2017

Have you been contemplating getting started in real estate investing? Real estate can be a solid investment that produces a better ROI (return on investment) then other more traditional investment vehicles. If you are just starting out there are two ways to get involved in real estate investing: (1) purchase a rental property or (2) […]

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Do You Understand Seller Disclosure Rules?

Posted by Yvonne Rose // May 29, 2017

If you have recently decided to put your home on the market, you may be hesitant about revealing all of the problems – even minor ones – your home has because you don’t want to discourage potential buyers. However, not revealing them via your seller disclosure could result in lawsuits against you. So how much […]

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